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fast friendly service and quick to return missing dessert very helpful and great food as always

Tom, 13 Jun 2021


Adam, 12 Jun 2021

Always love a good Figo's the portions are great and the food is always beautiful If I had a downside (not a downside really) it's that they no longer sell pizzas as they were to die for!

Annabella, 12 Jun 2021


Scott, 12 Jun 2021


Max, 11 Jun 2021

Your online payment system is very long and tedious. It has now also taken the payment twice

James, 06 Jun 2021

  Reply : I’ve checked our online payments ! Transaction was only taken once ! In regards to the online merchants services , we have never had a complaint in 6 years ! Maybe you had a slow connection

Very Nice Food

Stacey, 03 Jun 2021

Good food and service .. would recommend

Sam, 30 May 2021

Very nice

Amit, 29 May 2021

Excellent food and service as always. Legends!

Jack, 27 May 2021

Great service as normal

Sarah, 25 May 2021

Better price than Nando's!

Alicia, 09 May 2021

We order from Figos quite a lot, and we keep coming back. One of the best take-aways in Rushden. Luckily, they don’t usually overcook the chicken (only once - disappointingly) but usually just right. Their burgers are lovely and their piri Piri anything is great. Would highly recommend.

Nick, 07 May 2021

Very good

Chris, 05 May 2021

Can you put mr some cheesy garlic bread in pls I forgot

Lenny, 30 Apr 2021


Ste, 21 Apr 2021

Very nice

Darren, 21 Apr 2021

Great service and excellent food

Jason, 17 Apr 2021

Great service

Deborah Hollomon, 17 Apr 2021


Steve, 14 Apr 2021

Love it my fave takeaway ever

Tilly , 11 Apr 2021

Excellent value for money for the portions you receive. Chicken is tender and crispy, burgers are delightful and chips are decent. Really recommend this take away, especially when there's not much else like it in the area.

Stewart, 04 Apr 2021


Adam, 27 Mar 2021

Always good food & fast delivery

Nick, 27 Mar 2021

Good evening, we've just had our delivery, but i'm afraid we were short by two portions of fries. These things happen and we'll still be ordering next week so hopefully we can sort it out then.

Paul, 27 Mar 2021

I placed an order over an hour ago and it has still not arrived. Usually they are very quick but not today

Sophie, 26 Mar 2021